Annual report 2021

At the beginning of 2021, 2700 Russian Bible booklets went to underprivileged children in Moldova via a shoebox campaign by Action4Kids. During the year, another 5,000 French booklets found their way to Niger. In that predominantly Islamic country, the booklets are used by local churches in Sunday schools. The project was supported with a donation campaign at the end of 2019. Travelers from the Netherlands took the booklets to Niger in portions in their luggage. In a new project, 2800 booklets and various packages with storytelling plates were sent to Senegal, thanks to the efforts of many donors and with logistical help from Cama mission. The material is for IRIS Dakar, an organization that is committed to giving orphans and abandoned children in Dakar, Senegal a safe place. More about these projects can be read under the Projects tab. Throughout the year, booklets were also ordered via the website. A permanent volunteer handled the applications and took care of shipping.

The board met twice, to evaluate results of current projects and discuss opportunities for new projects to be started. The board was also looking for new board members, project leaders and other volunteers. For a new edition of the Bible booklets in modern Arabic, a professional translator in Lebanon and a Lebanese reviewer worked on translating the story texts.

At the start of 2021 there was a positive balance of € 31.352, and € 35.422 at the end of the year. Income (collections, donations, sale) amounted to € 5.866. Expenditures (rent of storage space, administration costs) amounted to € 1.796. An extensive financial report with statement by the audit committee is available for viewing by interested parties via the treasurer.