ABC-boekjes voor kinderen in Oost-Europa: Oekraïne en Wit-Rusland

Via ons project in Moldavië in 2017 zijn we in contact gekomen met Youth for Christ (YfC) Oost-Europa. Dat heeft geleid tot een project voor Oekraïne en Wit-Rusland (Belarus). Dit project is gefinancierd door middel van een speciaal opgezette wervingsactie eind 2018.

Via YfC Oekraïne zijn 6500 Bijbelboekjes in het Oekraïens gegaan naar kinderen in dagcentra, en ook onder meer in zomerkampen en ziekenhuizen. Daarnaast zijn 200 boekjes in het Russisch naar dagcentra in Wit-Rusland gegaan

YFC Oost-Europa heeft samen met lokale kerken 110 dagcentra opgezet in Oekraïne en ruim 15 in Wit-Rusland, waar kinderen ondersteuning krijgen. Deze dagcentra bieden kinderen in achterstandssituaties na schooltijd een warme maaltijd en allerlei activiteiten waarin ze echt kind mogen zijn. Er wordt hen in deze beschermde setting liefde en zorg geboden die ze thuis helaas vaak ontberen.

Hieronder de verslagen die we uit beide landen ontvingen.

A report on using brochures in Day Centers

At the moment there are 17 Day Centers in Belarus. One of them is for disabled children.

The newest appeared a few months ago, the most experienced ones were created more than 3 years ago. Day Center teams had been renewed during the whole period of development and had been trained twice a year, that is why every year their social skills with children and with each other are improving.

During the years of service we can see changes in children: first results were seen after 6-12 months. The children become more sociable with each other and with volunteers, show their talents, make progress in studies and the most important is that they know the love of God, His protection and care.

The Day Center volunteers use different methods of work with children on the Bible study lessons. The best memory trick is visualization. The brochures where the message is shown by pictures and summary were very useful. Having read the books the guys started to learn stories better, it has become easier for them to memorize them.

For instance, in Mogilev Day Center the story of Bartimaeus was discussed during one of the lessons. There was a new girl named Anya, who was really inspired with this story, and the brochure helped to animate the story.

Another report: Joy and Gospel for children in Ukraine
YFC Ukraine are very thankful for opportunity to bring joy and Gospel to over 2000 children in Ukraine. Because of Art Bible Child support we were able to spread beautiful colorful and interesting books for children. Reading these books children could know about bible stories and Jesus.
Please read some feedback and enjoy some photos.

“I’ve read story from this book. Honestly I never heard such good story. I will read other stories also. Thank you for such good booklet” (girl from large poor family)

“We gave these books to children at child festivals and day center meetings for nonbelievers. Children were so happy. They told that books a very comfortable by format, very bright and interesting. Those small children who cannot read yet, try to guess by pictures, what is this story about. Children also shared these books with others.” (Tetyana, leaders of Day Center)

“On summer we did camps and these books were so good gifts for children. By these books they could know about Jesus. And it is so good, because they can bring them home and their parents also can know about Jesus, because children will ask parents to read them aloud. We also gave these books to many orphans. Some children said: “thank you so much for this book. They are so colorful. We will read it at home.” (Nadya, leader of Day Center)

“I was so happy to see joy and smiles on children faces, when they received these books. Thank you so much for brining smiles to children who lives close to warzone” (leader of Day Center in Druzhkovka, East of Ukraine)


It was so good to hear many times: “Mom, will you read me this book at home?”


Also many books were given to children in hospitals. They were very glad to get them.YFC Ukraine thanks for great help with brining Gospel to ukrainian children. God bless you!