Available languages and titles

The Art Bible Child Foundation (ABC) publishes Bible stories from the series ‘What the Bible tells us’ in a number of languages. The booklets have a handy size of 13 x 13 cm. The narrative text accompanying the illustrations follows closely the Bible passage in modern translation. The complete passage is printed in full in the back of the booklets.

The series ‘What the Bible tells us’ (or part of it) is published by ABC in the following languages. Click a language to see a list of titles.

Language Country Number of titles Estimated number of booklets per title available
Amharic Ethiopia 4 250
Bambara Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal 4 20-195
Chinese (Mandarin) China, worldwide 5 1400-3000
Dari (Afghan Persian) Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan 3 5-115
English UK, USA, Canada, worldwide 4 550
French France, Canada, worldwide 28 250-600
Haitian Creole Haiti 27 15
Luganda Uganda 4 400
Ukrainian Ukraine 28 250-500
Pashto Afghanistan, Pakistan not in stock
Portuguese (Brazilian) Portugal, Brazil, worldwide 27 900-3200
Romanian Romania not in stock
Russian Russia, worldwide 1 1000
Spanish Spain, North and South America, worldwide 28 200-1600
Swahili Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, DR Congo 4 10-140
Vietnamese Vietnam 4 300
Zulu South Africa 8 25-400

The following ABC-editions are no longer available: Akoose (Bakossi); Balanta; Chin; Crioulo; Croatian; Hausa; Hungarian; Kaingang; Macedonian; Onobasulu; Pashto; Pwo Karen; Romanain; Telugu.

The available titles per language in drop-down view:

  • In the beginning
  • Noah
  • Abraham
  • Jacob and Esau
  • Joseph
  • The exodus from Egypt
  • On the way to the promised land
  • Ruth
  • King David
  • Jonah
  • Zechariah and Elizabeth
  • Jesus is born
  • The twelve-year old Jesus
  • Jesus at the wedding in Cana
  • Jesus and His disciples
  • Jesus heals a paralysed man
  • Jesus and the storm
  • Jairus’ daughter
  • The Good Samaritan
  • The prodigal son
  • Bartimaeus
  • Zacchaeus
  • The workers in the vineyard
  • On the way to the Passover
  • Jesus is risen
  • Ascension and Pentecost
  • The man who was baptized
  • God makes everything new

Laminated pictures
Illustrations from the booklets are also available as laminated pictures 21 x 41 cm in size, in sets of approx. 12 pictures per Bible story; the story text added on a seperate leaf is available in several languages. These show and tell pictures are very suitable for groups, who do not have a beamer or something like that to their disposal. ABC has still 9 titles available.

ABC delivers booklets and pictures on request. Delivery is on payment of a reimbursement for production and shipping costs. Separate titles are not delivered, only series.

Other languages
The Netherlands Bible Society originally published the series ‘What the bible tells us’ with illustrations by Kees de Kort, in cooperation with Docete Foundation. In the past decades other Bible societies and organizations have published the series or part of it in more than 90 languages. Some publications can be purchased through our partner organization ZakBijbelBond-Gospel for Guests (The Pocket Testament League Nederland) www.zakbijbelbond.nl or through Foundation Gospel Service for foreigners www.eas-lectuur.nl.
Are you interested in a publication that is not yet available, or not anymore? ABC will readily serve you. Please realise that a minimum purchase of 500 booklets per title is required. Please ask for possibilities without any obligations.