The work of the Art Bible Child Foundation (ABC) revolves around the series ‘What the Bible tells us’. This series consists of 28 Bible booklets illustrated by Kees de Kort, a Dutch painter, and aimed especially at little and mentally disabled children.
To make these booklets available to disadvantaged children, the ABC Foundation has translated these booklets into more than 25 languages.

The foundation delivers the booklets project wise or on request in the required amount to various organizations and individuals in a wide variety of countries.

Anyone with a good idea and trustworthy contacts abroad can propose a project to ABC. Such a project should describe:
– The situation and number of the children who will be addressed, including the language they speak
– The number of booklets that are needed and the costs of such a delivery.
This information, with some illustration, will be put on the website to enable visitors to donate for a project of their choice.

When the number of booklets in the required language is available, funds are raised to make delivery possible. In case no booklets are available in the requested language, we will try to find the booklets via international partner organizations. If this will not succeed either, an investment plan could help to realize a future edition in the language concerned.
On the website of ABC the progress of each project is recorded. Delivery of booklets will start as soon as sufficient funds have been raised for that project. Each project is closed with a brief report.

Part of the distribution of booklets is done by the Foundation for Gospel Supplies in foreign languages (EAS, Evangelisatielectuur Anderstaligen Service).

On request and after payment of costs, ABC will send booklets from stock. (web shop link)

In addition to the booklets, ABC also has laminated pictures available to present Bible stories in school classes.

In the long run the ABC Foundation wants to develop new initiatives that suit its mission, for example new translations and other forms of illustrated Bible stories.