Annual report 2020

In 2020, no major amounts of ABC Bible booklets could be distributed. Organisations that ABC had previously worked with and that reach out to children from deprived backgrounds in eastern Europe, saw their work hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic and related restrictions in passenger and goods traffic. However, smaller quantities of booklets were ordered throughout the year, including via the website. A permanent volunteer handled the requests and arranged for them to be sent. A donor campaign started in autumn 2019 with the aim of providing Christian congregations in Niger with French Bible booklets for use in Sunday schools, amply yielded the target amount. Due to personal circumstances of the contact person in Niger and Covid-19-related travel restrictions, the shipment of the booklets to Niger was unfortunately seriously delayed. More about this project can be found under the Projects tab.

The board met twice, to evaluate results of current projects and discuss opportunities for new projects to be started. For a new edition of Bible booklets in Arabic, a long-cherished wish of the foundation, a professional translator has been found in Lebanon who will translate the story texts. Hopefully the new edition can be realized in the course of 2021.

At the start of 2020 there was a positive balance of € 29,877, and € 31,352 at the end of the year. Income (collections, donations, sale) amounted to € 3,661. Expenditures (rent of storage space, administration costs, shipping costs) amounted to € 2,187.

The balance on December 31, 2020 is as follows:

Bank account               € 31,351.68                      General savings             € 56,702.33

Stock                             € 26,825.39                     Result current year          € 1,474.74

Total                              € 58,177.07                                                               € 58,177.07

An extensive financial report with statement by the audit committee is available for viewing by interested parties via the treasurer.