annual report 2019

In 2019, more than 19,000 ABC Bible booklets found their way to children in Eastern Europe and West Africa. More than half of that amount was distributed and financed by organisations that ABC had previously worked with. As in 2018, another large shipment of booklets went to day centres in Ukraine and Belarus, where children from deprived backgrounds are given care by local church volunteers. A newly launched project will provide several dozen Christian congregations in Niger with Bible booklets in French for use in Sunday schools. Volunteers carried out a telephone call promotion to raise the necessary funds for this project. More can be read under the Projects tab.

The board met twice, to evaluate results of ongoing projects and discuss opportunities for new projects. The working method, whereby potential donors are approached once a year for a larger project, was again followed this year after a good result in 2018. For dedicated fundraising actions the board could count on the assistance of ten volunteers on incidental basis. One long-term volunteer dealt with requests for ABC material received mostly via the website, and makes orders ready for dispatch. The sound financial state of affairs now gives room for an ambition that ABC had for some time: a new edition of Bible booklets in Arabic. Preparations for this are underway, and hopefully the new edition can be realized in the course of 2020.

At the start of 2019 there was a positive balance of € 21,553, and € 29,877 at the end of the year. Income (collections, donations, sale) amounted to € 10,786. Expenditures (rent of storage space, administration costs, shipping costs) amounted to € 2,462.

The balance on December 31, 2019 is as follows:

Balance at the end of 2019 (Euro’s)

Bankaccount                29.876,94                      General savings              48.514,75

Stock                              26.961,91                     Result current year           8.324,10

Total                               56.838,85                                                                56.838,85

An extensive financial report with statement by the audit committee is available for viewing by interested parties via the treasurer.