Annual report 2018

In smaller and larger portions, more than 18,000 ABC Bible booklets and xx sets of laminated plates found their way to children in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. More than half of that amount was distributed and financed by organisations with which ABC had already previously worked together. In one project initiated by ABC a large supply was sent to day centres in Ukraine and Belarus, where children from deprived backgrounds are given care by local church volunteers. Ten volunteers assisted in a telephone call promotion to raise the necessary funds for this project. Also worth mentioning is a small edition that was realised in Carib, a language spoken by indigenous people in Surinam and neighbouring countries. More can be read under the tab Projects.

Four board meetings were held, mostly to discuss new project initiatives and ways to find practical support, and opportunities for expanding and addressing the network. A professional in fundraising contributed with useful suggestions about how to address potential supporters of ABC work in an appealing manner. For dedicated fundraising actions the board could count on the assistance of ten volunteers on incidental basis. One long-term volunteer dealt with requests for ABC material received mostly via the website and e-mail, and with preparation and shipment of requested material.

The continuing demand for ABC materials and the stable financial state of affairs gives room for exploring the potential for new editions of material. At the start of 2018 the credit balance was € 15,693, and € 21,553 by the end of the year. Income (collections, donations, sale) amounted to € 7,073. Expenditures (rent of storage, administration costs, shipping costs) were € 1,213. An extensive financial report with declaration of approval by the audit committee is available for viewing by interested parties via the treasurer of ABC.