Annual report 2017

Initiatives to address and to enlarge the network of contacts of the Art Bible Child (ABC) Foundation appeared to turn fruitful in 2017. In smaller and larger portions, more than 27,000 ABC Bible booklets and 92 sets of laminated plates found their way to destinations in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. More can be read on the website under Projects.

The website proved useful for promoting public awareness of what ABC has to offer in terms of Bible booklets in different languages, beautifully illustrated Kees de Kort. More than 50 years after the first publication of Bible stories in the series ‘What the Bible tells us’, people get enthusiastic about this great material for children.

Three board meetings were held, mostly to discuss new project initiatives and ways to find practical support, and opportunities for expanding and addressing the network. With just one volunteer dealing with preparation and shipment of requested material, more practical support would be welcome. However, the board received support from an expert in fundraising. New ideas about how to address potential supporters of ABC work in an appealing manner immediately proved their effect. Discussing fundraising also resulted in reflection about aims and means of ABC.

Due to the increasing demand for ABC materials, the financial state of affairs of ABC improved sufficiently towards the end of 2017 to allow considerations about new editions of material. At the start of 2017 the credit balance was € 5,554, and € 15,693 by the end of the year. Income (collections, donations, sale) amounted to € 11,875. Expenditures (rent of storage, administration costs) of € 1,736 remained high due to retrospective charging for costs for storage of booklets. An extensive financial report with declaration of approval by the audit committee is available for viewing by interested parties via the treasurer of ABC.

Unexpectedly, in December 2017, came the passing away of Cath. de Stigter-Janse, founder of ABC in 1986 and driving force behind the foundation’s work for more than 25 years. It is with admiration and respect that we remember the great commitment with which she strived to make the Gospel available to children living in difficult circumstances. It is an honor and an assignment to continue her beloved work for ABC.