Annual report 2015

For the Art Bible Child Foundation (ABC) 2015 was a year of transition. We tuned financial and organizational matters and worked out ideas for new activities and expanding the network. There were two formal board meetings in addition to many informal contacts and cooperations with the ABC volunteers.

A temporary website with information needed for the status of Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) provided the opportunity to develop a full new website, in Dutch as well as in English, to inform the public at large about the work of ABC. An agreement with Kees de Kort enables the use of illustrations.

A cooperative agreement with the Netherlands Dutch Reformed Church in Wageningen provides both limited financial support as well as supervision of ABC’s financial management. A Biblestudy group in this congregation gives both spiritual and practical support to ABC.

ABC has been able to move the working stock of Bible booklets to another location that was offered to reduce substantially the financial burden for ABC. As a result ABC has balanced budgets for both 2015 and 2016.

ABC renewed contacts with several organizations for Christian support and mission. The foundation for the support of foreign Christians (Stichting tot Steun aan Buitenlandse Christenen) bought a number of booklets for distribution in Hungary and Romania. ABC started a new project in cooperation with Operation Mobilisation for distribution of a large amount of booklets in Africa en Latin America through the OM ship Logos Hope. With Edukans we sought possibilities for cooperation. The existing cooperation with the Pocket Testament League (ZakBijbelBond-Gospel for Guests) was continued on a limited scale.

At the start of 2015 the credit balance was 2055 euro. Income (collections, donations, sale, a returned guarantee for rent) added 5627 euro. In 2015 expenses (rent, administrative costs) were 1449 euro. This resulted in a credit balance of 6233 euro at the end of 2015.
We conclude that the financial situation of ABC has improved substantially with a nice positive result at closure. Substantial reduction of storage costs for the Bible booklets was the main reason for the decrease in expenditures in 2015. Income has increased due to the receipt of more than 3000 euro for the delivery of a large amount of booklets (including a substantial compensation for deliveries in 2013 and 2014). Donations remained stable compared to 2014. ABC also received back a considerable guarantee for rent. The effect is that the insecure financial situation of 2014 has been converted into a more favourable financial situation in 2015. ABC can therefore look back on 2015 with great gratitude and continues its work in good spirits for the year to come.
An extensive  financial report with declaration of approval by the audit committee is available for viewing via the treasurer of ABC.