ABC project 2021 Bible booklets for the street children in Dakar

With help of Johan Velema and Lieneke Okker-van Dis from the Dutch team of CAMA-Mission, the ABC foundation came in contact with Claudio and Mirjam Steiner, a Suisse couple offering for IRIS DAKAR  a save place for orphaned and abandoned children in Dakar, Senegal in foster families. See

The Steiner family with fosterchildren (photo Ewien van Bergeijk)
Bible education for the streetchildren of Dakar (Photo Ewien van Bergeijk)

They live just outside Dakar in Briam Ndao  with 3 families and 11 foster children. As many boys and girls in Dakar live in the streets, and do not attend school, Claudio and Mirjam initiated a project for these street children. They literally go into the streets to tell the Gospel, to build a relation with these children and to give them support for a better life. In day-time they offer reading and writing classes for these children in a rented building, integrated in a program with sports, games and personal coaching. Claudio and Mirjam are very fond of  the illustrated Bible stories of Kees de Kort. On a daily basis they use the ‘KijkBijbel’, including the whole series, in Bible classes, in teaching and at home. They would very welcome 100 sets of French ABC booklets with the 28 different stories each, to use for their work among the street children in Dakar. Do you help us to raise the necessary € 1400 to make this possible? The booklets than will be transported for free in a container with materials for CAMA Mission shipped for Senegal next July.