ABC booklets for the children of Addis Ababa

The ABC Foundation

The work of the Art Bible Child Foundation (ABC) revolves around the series ‘What the Bible tells us’. This series consists of 28 Bible booklets illustrated by Kees de Kort, a Dutch painter, especially for little children and young mentally disabled people. To make these booklets available to disadvantaged children across the world, the ABC Foundation has translated these booklets into more than 25 languages. The foundation looks for possibilities to make the spread of these booklets possible.

Edukans is a leading educational development organization which is headquartered in the Netherlands. This organization plays a leading role in supporting and improving the quality of education programmes in developing countries, with a focus on underprivileged children. The work centres on general education for pupils of up to 15 years of age and vocational education for young people of up to 25. All activities are driven by the vision that education is the key to personal as well as national development.
Employees of Edukans travel regularly to the sites for maintaining contact with local partners. They also visit churches to hear about the work for children.

ABC booklets for Addis Ababa
In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Edukans has good contacts with local churches. For activities with poor children in this city the youth workers asked for booklets of ABC. The foundation has four titles in Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia. With these booklets the Bible stories can be told and children can share these with their families and friends when they receive a personal copy.

Employees of Edukans on travel to Ethiopia have taken booklets in Amharic and distributed these among the youth workers of Addis Ababa. Private donations made these shipments possible