ABC booklets for gypsy children in Romania

In summer 2018 a group of 28 teenagers and coaches from several congregations in Wageningen went on working holidays to Cluj Napoca, Romania. During this impressive, confronting and unforgettable trip they were able to tell several dozens of children about Jesus with the help of the ABC Foundation.

Cluj Napoca is the second largest city of Romania, a beautiful city with great history and old buildings. Unfortunately there is also a dark site of Cluj. At the city border lays a large garbage belt, Pata Rât, on which hundreds of gipsy families earn money with the distribution of garbage components. The circumstances in these city quarters are horrible. Many houses or cabins are in bad condition and violence, abuse, poverty and alcoholism are prevalent every day. Many children are raised without the loving care of their parents they need so desperately. To help these children the teenagers of Wageningen organized children events every afternoon of the week they stayed in that area. Every afternoon was filled with singing, telling Bible stories, creative activities and many games. These activities provided an opportunity for the children to escape for a while from their difficult situation and learn about God who give hope to everyone.

The central theme for these children’s meetings was “Superheroes”. Each day a Bible story was told about a superhero, each with his own superpower. David for instance was very courageous, Rahab very smart, Noah a good listener and the Good Samaritan was very good in helping people. On the final day children heard about the largest superhero in the Bible. This superhero, Jesus, combined all the superpowers of the other heroes, and even more. Love was His greatest superpower. Love for everyone, including the children from Pata Rât. It was very special to teach  children about Jesus and showing them His everlasting love for them.

After the Bible story of the Good Samaritan, all children received a ABC booklet with this story (see the picture). A tangible memory to the children’s meetings and a nice chance for the children to reread the story, to look again at the pictures and share it with their families and peers. The teenagers of Wageningen are grateful to the ABC Foundation for offering the Bible booklets. These booklets have added value to the work they were able to do for these children. Let’s pray that the content will be read, viewed and shared over and over again.